COME'N GO (Biel, ch)
garage rock vs. primitive rock

As you may have noticed, our festivities and dance part-ees always tend to be unique, no matter if we invite a garage trash band from the backwoods of Portland or a blues punk duo from the shores of Venice, Italy. Nevertheless I think it is safe to say that it's ALWAYS total fukken, brain soakin', hip shakin' and belly boucin' nite. It is with no small sense of responsibility that we continue our duties as local locos... thus is leading us to one thing: THE BAMBOO KIDS!!! Hailing from NYC, these three men play garage rock like if it would have been invented by the STONES [yes, I am reffering to THE stones, the ones who are playing their 10th farewell tour right now], plus the mix it with melodies the REAL KIDS have been famous... and wait - one of 'em even has a mohawk! Don't miss this!

The second band on the bill are COME'N GO from Biel / Switzerland, a piece of land where the folks can not decide if the should speak french or german. Looking at COME'N GO you soon realize that this is not the only thing thats strange... they are primitive and raw, but still carry a bit of melody in their wylde, monotonous and hypnotic songs... its now wonder that they found a home on one of the best vaults of Rawk and Roll, VOODOO RHYTHM RECORDS... buckle up for another insane dance nite...