"Best damn garage punk rock band I have heard for a while!"

Ever thought about how the WHITE STRIPES would sound if they were a REAL RAWKNROLL BAND instead of using too much make-up, hairstylists and stupid art-concepts? Hm, I dunno, but mebbe you'd get a shit-hot sort uff band like the BLOODY HOLLIES!!! Their last album "Fire At Will" has been receiving praise as one of the most viscous rock albums to come out in a long time, the band's sound continues to evolve into an even greater sonic explosion. Sometimes referred to as Garage, Punk, or the Blues, The BLOODY HOLLIES embody what great Rock'n'Roll should sound like: loud, brash, energetic, hypnotic, and to-the-point! Now here they are, for the first time in Austria, with their new rekkid called "If Footmen Tire You...", which has been recorded and produced by JIM DIAMOND (who also produced White Stripes, Von Bondies, Dirtbombs, New Bomb Turks,") in Detroit, and promises to be the definitive album of the BLOODY HOLLIES's young career. Their ability to shift gears -- not their white shirts and skinny black ties -- is what separates The BLOODY HOLLIES from the crowded field of garage-punk contenders hoping to steal some buzz from The Strokes and White Stripes.

To get this pre-new-years-eve par-tee started we hired a fresh ALL GIRL GROUP from the surroundings of Innsbruck, the SHIRLEY MACLAINES, so be sure to be an early bird to catch this yummy worms!!! On the count of four, they deliver the most charming three chord songs you will