Déjà Q?

Openair/Vorplatz HdM
ab 18:00 | p.m.k ab 21:00
Eintritt p.m.k €7.-
IDKLANG | HOOLSHOPPER | MNMM (overbrrt) | treibgut | Maschine-Maschine | YAKAMOZ | DJ UNGUSTL | DJ SALBEI

Kopfweh kein Wunder Next Gen. Episode 3: Déjà Q?
Die Außenexpedition landet ab 18:00 auf Disco Volante am Haus der Musik Vorplatz bei freiem Eintritt und schönem Wetter. Anschließend Warp5 in die p.m.k. Querkonsum schließt Wechselwirkungen nicht aus.

IDKLANG‘s (Markus Steinkellner) live show is a machine summoning, an ancient mutant whatcannot be named. Convulsive punk and death metal vocals slice through metallic blasts of grimeand juke, channeling a contemporary spirit of Throbbing Gristle. Cathartic, ritualistic trance piercesthe air, born of present day suffering and political discontent, feeding from raw industrial energiesmuch akin to contemporary peers like Pan Daijing or HDMIRROR.These unusual, theatric decisions of sound are shining examples of what musicians like Steinkellner- with backgrounds in composition and metal bands, - are capable of: an experience of sound thatmakes you dance, yet manages to constantly surprise you, easily rivaling cinematic soundtracks.

Treibgut (Fabian Lanzmaier) is interested in creating imaginary synthetic landscapes. He strives tomerge the experience of the natural and the artificial, to confront the listener with ideas of fluid andambiguous environments. Through use of digital synthesis he is constructing sound objects thatappear to exist hauntingly physical. The ambience of rave is bended and twisted to a more distortedand fractured appearance.