Doors 20:00 | Show 20:30
€ 12.-
GOLD [dark wave | be] | DAS TEAM [dream rock | at]

"The Cure at their melancholic best..., with the intensity of post-metal." (Kerrang/KKKK)
With a vocalist named after Franz Kafka’s lover, it may come as no surprise that GOLD’s unique post-everything dark rock output deals with solitude, love and absence of prospect.
GOLD, the six headed band from Rotterdam, teamed up with producer Randall Dunn (a.o. Sunn O))), Earth, Ash Borer) for their new album “OPTIMIST”. GOLD have put their angular drive, their blackened guitar textures, and the composed yet vulnerable vocal delivery of Milena Eva in an even broader context. They have created an almost unlimited space for their unique unity of beauty and cruelty to crush and confuse even more.
With their nonconformist outsider approach, which the New York Times strikingly defined as "serenely intense... near-metal", GOLD has managed to find a previously uninhabited spot that is truly their own. To achieve this in the heart of such a densely populated musical landscape, rather than at its outskirts, is the exciting result of intense years of performing and self-reflection.