THE INTELLECTUALS (Rome, Italy) / VORTEX REX (Vienna, Austriah!)

THE INTELLECTUALS (Rome, Italy) / VORTEX REX (Vienna, Austriah!)

Well well well, Rome's premier garbage can derelecits are about to unleash their highly anticipated ORGAN DRIVEN GARAGE PUNK to the Austrian audience for the firrrst time!!!. With an arsenal of warped OBLIVIANS, GORIES, CRAMPS and '68 COMEBACK records, the INTELLECTUALS infiltrated the Temple Of Noise studios in Rome to record their new album 'Invisible is the Best", a hell-of-a-record that made quite sum buzz recently!
The three delinquents call themselves Guitar Boy, Drum Girl and Key Tee, instruments they "use" are drums, guitar and keyboards" sounds sweeeeeet hm? Uff" their sound will surely knock your bobby socks off! Like past and present trash comrades the Mummies, Fe Fi Fo Fums, Okmoniks and Supercharger, the INTELLECTUALS just sound like they're having a care free, blast bashing through their own garage tunes. I don't mean to undermine their catchy and creative writing abilities because the songs are really, I mean REALLY, catchy. But the INTELLECTUALS genuine, unfeigned enthusiasm is what makes this band standing above most other "garage bands with organ" (yawn!) No doubt this is great rock n' roll - glorious noise that's simple and stupid and raw and alive.
For Fans of: King Louie One Man Band, Headcoats, Fatals, LiveFastDie, Real Losers, Rip Offs, Reatards, Fe Fi Fo Fums, Mummies, Angry Angles, Brimstone Howl, Oblivians, Terminals, Touch Me Nots, Ape City R&B, Hipshakes etc.

"vortex rex is an action-oriented group from vienna, influenced by newer cultural phenomenons like skateboarding, hip hop, punk, beats and noise" says the press info of their booking agency. They are even in the austrian indie charts i heard. Sounds lame huh? Well. We booked them, so you can be shure that this lil" thingy is a firecracker. Your plan for June 30th: 8 PM - take some drugs. 9 PM go to PMK. 9:30 PM go loco. As easy as that. Now put in a box and mail it to your brain.