Kopfweh Kein Wunder Ep. 11: Frame of Mind 

Doors 21:30
AK €5/7/10 pay-as-you-wish
Kopfweh Kein Wunder Ep. 11: Frame of Mind mit NIGHTHAWK VS. NIGHTHAWK | FORMLOS | DJ JACKHAMMER
Mami, es ist wieder Zeit für eine Verschubu Records Label Night! Diesmal präsentieren wir:

nighthawk vs nighthawk (IBK, Verschubu Rec. split release)

Das neue Destillat aus dem Schlot des Verschub serviert ihre LP 'nighthawk'. Mit einem Fuß im Klub, mit dem andern schon über dem Zenith. Treibende Drummachines und Synthlines vs. melancholische Arrangements aus scharfen Beats und tragenden Baselines.

Formlos (IBK, 41stackway)

blends fast breaks and hard kickdrums with emotional trance leads and self composed vocals. While doing so they also take use of elements from classic gen- res like Gabber, Jungle, Trance and Breakcore. At the end of this process Formlos manages to create a new kind of sound and emotion that pays respect to the history of harder electronic music. In June 2021 the duo consisting of singer Johanna Mühl- bacher and producer Thomas Fille released their deput EP. Since then they are a part of the labelfamily 41stackway where they have been delivering a constant output ever since


DJ Jackhammer (VIE).

Viennese DJ Jackhammer, alias Frau Chef, likes to play up to her name. She is best known for her emphatic support for and involvement in the Viennese hardcore scene, hosting a radio show called Busy Action as well as parties with the infamous name Hardcore Penetration, together with fellow DJs Relatic and Distortina.
Depending on her mood, she spins records that either make you want to dance to euphoric sounds of oldschool house and techno, breakbeat and frenetic early hardcore, or burst your eardrums with the utter madness of terror and speedcore, often pushing the boundaries between these genres while staying true to the oldschool sound.