Doors 20:00
Show 21:00
AK 8€

Make sunday great again and come to p.m.k to check out these incredible bands instead of watching boring Tatort again!
TANKRIS are four musicians from Vienna/Europe, all prolific in their own ways between improvised music, jazz, free form/noise-rock, rather not sticking with too clear defined or hollow genres in their work. Deceivefully set up as a regular rock combo, it turns out to be more of a convertible hybrid of rocks history's unreleased b-sides: gonzo-beats meet whacky riffs to create a bizarre multiverse of exotic poptunes.
NUTCRACKER (2017/IBK/AT) is a sonic punkrock duo in the tradition of early 90s No Wave and Noise Rock bands. The sound of NUTCRACKER is best described as a melting down of punchy and jazzy drums, dirty and razor-sharp downtuned guitars, overdriven voices and straightforward song structures.