doors: 20.00
show: 21.15
VVK: 7€ (
AK: 9€
OFF WITH THEIR HEADS (epitaph records / punkrock)
NOOPINION (garmisch / punkrock)
TANGERINE (ibk / poppunk)

Fi-nahhh-ly! OFF WITH THEIR HEADS are back! After super extensive touring in the past (4 Innsbruck shows in 3 years alone!), they've cut back a bit on road time for the last 2 years. Now they are back, stronger than ever, ripping things up the way they always have. Singer Ryan's voice is a motherflippin chainsaw, singing about being anxious and angry, while the music goes from melodic poppunk to old school street punk. It is no exaggeration to say that they are one of the most authentic, wear-your-heart-on-the-sleeve punkrock bands around!

After two years of abstinence (yeah right...), hard hitting Garmisch Punkrockers NOOPINION make it back over the mountains to Innsbruck. Expect singalongs, metal-esque guitar riffs and the raw power of lumberjacks on speed!

Last but definitely not least, there is Innsbruck's newest gem called TANGERINE, with (ex-)members of The Apers, The 20 Belows and the The Shirley MacLaines. Girl fronted 60s influenced pop punk, sunshine and the occasional reefer. Life is good.

Come out and party hard, who cares about Monday anyway??!