Toundra + KeplerØ

Doors 20:30
AK €18.-
Instrumental Rock & Post/Progressive Metal

Madrid rockers TOUNDRA started their journey in 2007. Their sound blends powerful riffs, beautiful deep melodies and intricate atmospheres, all wrapped up in elongated electric songs that emphasized their dangerous flammable live potential, and soon saw them develop into one of the most applauded instrumental acts in Europe. Within a record time they managed to release three albums independently, toured Europe, were featured at some of the most important festivals, including Primavera Sound & FIB, and eventually also managed to land a record deal with Superball Music in 2014.

KeplerØ is a progressive post-metal Italian band formed in the summer of 2016. The band sound is a balanced fusion of quiet transcendental atmospheres and aggressive, massive unexpected transitions. What defines the band are the psychedelic and repet