doors 21:00 | show 21:30
VVK €16.-
Limitiert auf 50 Personen
LVGT adult entertainment presents


After having stirred up the Heavy Metal underground with their releases “Erste Beschwörung” and “Zweite Beschwörung: Ein Kind Zu Töten” it is now finally time to witness s’TTERBNEXEH very first in-concert performance when Josto Feratu and Scarlettina Bolétte send out their slaves to the darkest corners of Western Austria in order to spread horror, fear and disgust via the performance of their menacing music.

Be a part of this ghoul’s night out and expect the unexpected.

HAGZISSA are an Austrian black metal band founded in 2016 by
B. Moser of the engimatic Kringa.

On their first release “They Ride Along” HAGZISSA walk a path of ancient wickedness. They play a black metal that’s both older than time itself yet exceedingly fresh in its feral, wild ways.

Open the imagination and submit to animalistic abandon.