GENDER BENDER.03 Philippa Pacho (Positive Source, Berlin) | AZIL (Maniac, Leipzig) | MOMO (Maniac, Leipzig)

Start 21:00
AK €15.-
GENDER BENDER.03 mit Philippa Pacho (Positive Source, Berlin) | AZIL (Maniac, Leipzig) | MOMO (Maniac, Leipzig)

A queer mob against everyday tristesse and heteronormativity.

Born and raised in Sweden with an immigrant family, Philippa developed into a compelling DJ, blending several strains of techno that spark a range of emotions and energies on the dance floor. Her story started in Stockholm but crosses over to Berlin, where she is currently based and continues to thrive in the city's notorious techno scene.

Playing across Europe with bookings at clubs such as Berghain (Berlin), FOLD (London) and Basement (New York), Philippa often captivates her club audiences from the first beat, showcasing the finest from her extensive collection and mixed with knife-edged focus—a technique that stems from years of building and finessing her craft.
Alongside her career as a DJ, Philippa also co-runs the positivesource imprint with UK-born artist Blue Hour.
One to undoubtedly watch, Philippa is attracting the attention of essential promoters and clubs, particularly those who nurture queer communities and spaces.

AZIL and MOMO are based in Leipzig. Together they founded the new party series MANIAC, which stands for fast and groovy rythms. Through wisely selected tunes of different decades they will create a juicy atmosphere on the floor. On there menu you will find a delicious combination of driving beats and rolling kicks. This is what they will provide for you, so be ready for a special soup!

Please note: We reserve the right to reject people from entry at the door if we do not trust them to treat our community with respect. Moreover, we consider a strict rejection of all forms of discrimination as a matter of course.