live: NÄD MIKA
the trashy deluxe glamorous and deconstructive grauzone ball.
presented by fem:tastique...

Mit der letzten (?) fem:tastique Veranstaltung wollen wir nochmal die Fetzen fliegen lassen und machen einmal ausdrücklich Platz für alle, die gern mal für einen Abend (oder wer weiß?!) auf die typischen Rollenbilder verzichten wollen. In diesem Sinne: Boyz go and get you a Dirnd'l, for se Girls a Lederhosn and a Mustache! Actually we don't care so much how you show up - as long you are dressed up to impress!!!

Damit wir in unseren Outfits im kalten Wintermonat nicht einfrieren, haben wir NÄD MIKA eingeladen: She is electrotrash and electropunk. A genderswitchmachine on tour! Touring and performing now since 2 years with her friends in Germany and also around Europe like Istanbul, Madrid, Stockholm, Zurich, Brussles, Copenhagen and so on"

The sound which reminds of Electro Avantgarde, Gender Punk and Pop Destruction hits you rough and raw mastered. Perversion and not perfection is very important for the understanding. NÄD MIKAs live performances are well known now as trash and sticky orgys she does with murdering dance sound and pushing the crowd to the limit and leaving them wanting more. They go crazy on stage and use anything to make themselves and you feel sticky. Like artificial blood, champagne and superglue............

Don't miss the Punktrashshow of your life!