Doors 21:00
AK €5/7/10
Kopfweh kein Wunder w/ By the Dirac sea (Verschubu Rec.), Kisling (VIE), Broothworth (Ghosttown Sound), Dilian (International Winners)

By the Dirac sea (Maurizio Nardo, Martina Moro, Verschubu Records)
Transmodal frequencies surf. Advanced sailing on negative energy. We leave port under stormy weather. Ahoi!

Broothworth (Ghosttown Sound, VIE)
Brootworth is a multi-genre producer and artist in the hybrid fields of futuristic ambient, jungle breaks, grime and dark rave dance madness. With his latest release on Vienna Underground Traxx entitled ‘Backface Culling’ Brootworth showed his approach to music production. His productions are slightly strange but fat cross-breeds of grime, jungle and dystopian ambient.
In others words you could describe his sound as oceans of drone, synth woods, reese bass, jungle pads and overdriven pulse kicks. Expect hybrid adventures of bold, raw distorted Hardcore to Grime infused Jungle pounders.

Visual artist KISLING expresses herself through music. Applying both the sensibility for careful listening as well as the possibility of immersing in the thickness of amplified sounds, she affects the collective of bodies with gloomy allusions to the fading of pop-culture. Against the polished images of today’s self-proclaimed idols, which circulate social media both in art and trivial culture, KISLING holds up a fractured mirror that calls for a new real. (Lona Gaikis)

Dilian (International Winners, US)
Dilian is a Brooklyn, NY based producer focused on mostly electronic experimental and dance type genres. He also makes music for and performs as Gap, Ke’So, Safari Explorer and xxx1990, a project with Aaron Tripp, and has released music on Noumenal Loom, Krut, SØVN, Kapha Selections, and on Int’l Winners Collective, of which he’s part of.