Nitro Mahalia Live at p.m.k on 2011-03-11

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Track 10 accompanied by Tumido, also of Interstellar Records. House Mix: Florian Anich

01 Intro / Flieg Kleiner Trochäus!
02 Knock Knock On The Water / Codetta
03 Neon Boredom
04 Roger. Over. Stop.
05 Acid D.C.
06 Killer Farce
07 Beauty Of A Sports Car Crash
08 Selfportrait
09 Ideas Are Bulletproof
10 Kitano

Peter Chiochetti
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Lissie Rettenwander Live at p.m.k on 2011-03-19

All instruments played by Lissie Rettenwander: vocals, guitar, zither, effects. Everything happened live on stage: no playback of prerecorded samples, Improvisations and chorus made up on the spot. All material copyright Lissie Rettenwander. House Mix: Florian Anich.

01 Chor 1
02 My Head Is A Bomb
03 Lately
04 Improvisation 1
05 Improvisation 2
06 Chor 2

Peter Chiochetti