AK 13.-
VVK 10.- +Geb/Ö-Ticket
COUGH (Doom, Sludge - Relapse Records)
DEADSMOKE (Doom, Punk - Heavy Psych Sounds)

Conceived in the fertile metal underground of Richmond, VA circa 2005, COUGH have sought to be the heaviest band ever since their inception. The band takes inspiration from the most savage aspects of extreme music, from crushing doom metal and grimy sludge to early black metal.

Deadsmoke is an Italian doom sludge band that sounds like amplifiers buried in the deep, with down-tuned monolithic guitar riff scraping the soil down to the core of the earth.

Richmond, VA is home to so many killer bands and talented musicians that it's no wonder that basically every new band that forms down that way turns into a supergroup by default.