Kepi Ghoulie Art Exhibition

Sonntag 17.04.2011 19:00 5.- hosted by Firefly Concerts & Heavy Kevy
Kepi Ghoulie Art Exhibition

KEPI GHOULIE (asian man records)
SIXTYNINER (voodoo rhythm records)


Music and art on a Sunday. Sounding cheesy and it probably is, but hey, this is KEPI GHOULIE (from the GROOVIE GHOULIES)! And he's bringing along his friends MICHIEL HOVING and STEFAN TIJS from the Netherlands. You will be fascinated by their hilarious art pieces and singing along to their acoustic guitared perfectness. So bring on the Kumbaya!

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And yes: we'll open the purgy gates of what you know as the p.m.k. at 1900 (which is 7pm for all you military draft dodgers).