SEX JAMS (Vienna, Austriah!)
VORTEX REX (Vienna, Austriah!)

We are not gonna hype anything we dont like, and that‘s that!
Well, what am I supposed to write here? Some triumphant article on how wonderful these bands are? If you are a wee bit informed you might already stumbled over some article, feature, et cetera cause both bands seem to be liked by the dizzyheads from FM4, VICE, THE GAP, TBA and the rest of the opinion leading gang. And ALTHOUGH both bands are treated like darlings of the week by before mentioned “indie media” we booked them cause they are GOOD.

VORTEX REX has already some reputation as “action-oriented group influenced by newer cultural phenomenons like skateboarding, hip hop, punk, beats and noise”, but here they are all nice and clean with new lineup, and believe me, they are better than ever. They are playing real songs now.

SEX JAMS just have their full length out on FETTKAKAO, and soon their blend of DIY/ Post / DC Punk will be entertaining every Tommy, Dick and Harry but before they hop on the bus, let dance with them at the p.m.k again, like we did last summer when the opened up the p.m.k Birthday Bash.